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WhatsApp testing in-app browsing and reverse image search features

WhatsApp, in the same way as other different organizations, tests new highlights on the beta channel before moving them out broadly to its client base far and wide. Also, the most recent highlights that this Facebook backup is trying are in-application program and turn around picture look.

As clear from its name, the in-application program gives you a chance to open pages from inside WhatsApp. Thusly you don't need to leave WhatsApp to open connections. In any case, do take note of that you can't take screen captures or record screen when utilizing this component.

The in-application program additionally cautions clients when they attempt to open a site page that could be hurtful. Also, those of you who are stressed over Facebook or WhatsApp seeing what you are perusing should realize that your history is blocked off to them.

Another component that WhatsApp is trying is switch picture look. It gives you a chance to transfer the picture you have gotten in a visit on Google to check whether it has ever showed up on the web previously. Thusly you can check whether that picture is genuine or counterfeit. Invert picture look in WhatsApp could end up being useful in nations like India where the stage is generally used to spread false data.

Both these highlights were spotted on WhatsApp for Android's beta application and are as of now inaccessible to the clients. There's no word on if and when they will be taken off to all.

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