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Google: We just fixed these three critical Android bugs with April update

Google's simply discharged April 2019 Android security refreshes address three remote code execution blemishes influencing gadgets running the portable OS.

Of course, Google's month to month Android update incorporates two fix levels that are quickly accessible to Google's own Pixel gadgets and have been imparted to other Android gadget creators to appropriate to their individual gadgets.

The 2019-04-01 fix dimension incorporates fixes for two basic remote code execution defects influencing the Media system, the Android media library that got much more consideration after 2015's Stagefright bugs were found to influence for all intents and purposes all Android gadgets and incited Google to weight Android merchants to convey security fixes all the more quickly and consistently.

The Media system bugs influence Android 7 and up and "could empower a remote assailant utilizing an exceptionally created document to execute subjective code inside the setting of an advantaged procedure", as indicated by Google's announcement.

Samsung takes note of that its April security update incorporates fixes for a similar two Media system bugs, CVE-2019-2027 and CVE-2019-2028. The fix is accessible for Samsung's lead Galaxy telephones. Huawei is additionally conveying Google's Media system fixes in its April update for lead telephones.

The staying nine defects are height of-benefit and data revelation issues influencing Android, the most exceedingly awful of which could permit an introduced malevolent application to "execute discretionary code inside the setting of a favored procedure".

The second fix level, 2019-04-05, addresses four blemishes in Android itself, including one basic remote code execution bug, just as many issues influencing Qualcomm parts.

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