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Taiwan Grandpa catches all those games Pokemono on 15 phones

Tappi Yuan: China has gone through most parts of Taiwan's Taiwan's TaiPi.

Therefore? In front of his bicycle, there are 15 mobile phones, including Chen, 70, as well as realistic games to play Pokemon.

Smartphone based game players need to catch animated characters appearing in real places.

Pokemon is known as grandpara, the phone setting of its fan-size between Chen's video and "PokerStops" has been wired on the Internet and has made him a minor celebrity in the Teaching District where he lives.

"After a month, it became three cell phones, six cell phones, nine cell phones, 12 and then 15," he credited his grandchildren with introduction of Pokemon in 2016.

Chen said that his gear is more than US $ 4,800 and he spend about $ 300 a month on virtual currency to use in the game.

He said on multiple phones that he allows it to get at the highest speed in the game at a higher level.

The pensioner said that he always plays for the night with custom portable battery packs that recharge the phones.

Chen's companions are surprised at their energy.

"We've been able to take care of fifteen cell phones at once," said 45-year-old King Wan-Sheng.

"By staying home, Chen can stay awake for seven seven hours, does not feel tired. It is very impressive."

Pokemon is jointly developed by Nintendo Company and Nidec Innov, the biggest hit in the game using so-called growth factories, where digital characters are assigned to the real world. Reuters

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