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Galaxy A90 5G obtains Bluetooth certification

We've been listening for a long time about the next high-end flagship device, Galaxy A90. Last month, the phone appeared on Geekbench, giving us a clear clue that Samsung's A series will once again give us a wonderful device. Later, the phone appeared in the WiFi alliance. Now Galaxy A90 5G obtains Bluetooth certification.

The interesting thing that we discovered through this certification is that there will be two phone models. Galaxy A90 appeared on the Bluetooth SIG site with the model numbers SM-A908N and SM-A908B. The second model number matches the model number we know in the WiFi alliance certification. Now the question is: what will be the difference between both models?

I think, surely, one is the 5G variant with high-end specifications. While to serve more customers, the other will be a mid-range version of the phone. Although this is only our prediction. We currently have no official news about this yet. But we will update it when we have any news about it.

Then, in regards to the specifications of the 5G model, it will come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. In addition, it will have 6 GB of RAM and will have a triple camera configured on the back.

We have no words about phone availability. But we expect it to be officially launched next month. Until then, stay tuned for more updates.

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  1. Nice one. Samsung is continuously surprising their consumer with flagship phones and yes the another flagship phone is here. Samsung Galaxy A80 is a gret and best rotating camera phone in the world.

    Agree with you.