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Royole foldable phones at CES 2019 are a sensation in the world of telephony

Royole launches incredible folding phones at CES2019. They are responsible for the sale and development of flexible electronic components. However, the company is under the radar with Samsung trying to present its incredible work of folding phones. To overcome this problem, FlexPai becomes the great advertiser with the latest technological advances.

Companies planning collapsible phones in 2019

Many companies, including LG and Samsung, were able to test the FlexPai with Royole. The technology behind these folding phones is the AMOLED display model that will be available in China until October. According to the brand director, the phone will be marketed in the United States by March. FlorentMeng.

The CES 2019 testifies to the version of the developers of foldable screen phones, which still have to overcome some errors. However, we all have a vision of future technology that will be with us later this year. This technology will be different from that of the ZTE Axon M, which has a dual display function. In FlexPai technology, there is the screen for the external curve.

Folding phone specialties

This is a total of 8 inches tablet once deployed and will give a fresh look and bright colors.
In addition, the faucet has no errors in the development device and may be better for 200,000 times doubled.
There will be no flat screen even in tablet form and it will face a small bump just in the middle of where the phone can be folded.

Strengths of folding phones Royole

Created by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC
The Royole Foldable phone price is expected to go on sale at the end of March for around $ 1,600.
Screen of 7.8 inches.
This flexible technology is the new face of technology with the use of OLED, which makes it even more special. In just a few years, Royole has earned a reputation as a market and, with foldable phones, has worked well in mobile computing strategies.

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