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Samsung Charters Another product for Green Fold!

After the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Samsung plans to deploy another phone of this type, namely Gold Fold 2. The smartphone will be curved and looks different from the previous one. The value of $ 2,000 from Green Fold attracts only those who can afford it. It will be released after the first month again Galaxy Fold.

Samsung is currently working on Green Fold and is developing another foldable smartphone. The luxury smartphone brand considers the Galaxy Fold as the best design for smartphones that have applied this concept to another smartphone.

Earlier, in May, Samsung was to launch its Galaxy Fold. In the meantime, the foldable smartphone arrives in Z-shaped design. Cyrus Intellectual Property Office has licensed Samsung's license after the first launch of Gold Fold. Therefore, the status of the smartphone is simple. But, it has a lot of features. When the user opens completely, the phone becomes a larger screen. The screen can bend. It is also believed that at this time, there will be no curtains.

The color change was a patent filed by SetGoDigital. Here's a photo.

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The 23 sketches appeared and it was found that this smart gadget could be extended even to the height of the pill. There are two lines to fold in this design. We really think that it can be doubled to become a smartphone. With this envelope, only the outer surface is visible (as shown in the image above). A part is noticeable, the rest of the product is secret and remains in the background.

In fact, this smartphone is about three times wider than its Samsung phones. This reminds the user that Samsung makes a smartphone, a computer screen or a tablet, all-in-one or not. However, no other trends regarding cameras and the latest photos have been shared. We will keep you informed until further news.

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