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Samsung is about to produce a graphene battery technology

Nowadays, smartphones lack conventional lithium-ion batteries. It can charge the phone in about half an hour. True to rumors, Samsung will deploy graphene batteries in its smartphones. It can charge smartphones in less than half an hour. Earlier in 2017, according to Samsung, improvements are made to graphene batteries. In fact, research indicates that in theory, charging the battery takes only 12 minutes.

This is not the first time that graphene batteries are used. Companies like Panasonic used graphene technology for their products before. Korea also exhibited the graphene memory module. Samsung launches into graphene batteries to become a showcase destination.

So far, the fastest Samsung 45W charger comes with Note Note 10. It can charge a Note 10 in an hour. In fact, this Samsung call is still being tested.

Graphene battery vs silicon

This new technology includes a single layer of carbon from graphite. This layer is called graphene. It is 100 times more productive than copper in terms of electrical conductor. It also converts power, 140 times faster than silicon. Lithium-ion batteries are compatible with silicon. It also works as a great alternative to electric batteries. Samsung talked about it in 2017.

Charge duration

So far, there is nothing left on the battery life and graphene battery. Smartphones, other than Samsung phones, must be recharged daily to provide the best performance. As a general rule, batteries over 4000 mAh can take up to two days to fully discharge. The biggest problem is to give this problem a series of displays in the background.

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