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Why is Jazz the best player in the telecommunications sector?

Jazz has always been the pioneer of new telecommunication services and packages in Pakistan. Being the first and only, the company has gained a lot of hearts and people have moved to this network by saying goodbye to the elderly. Not only for their attractive packages, but for their speed on the Internet. Internet is now an integral part of our lives and its speed can not be ignored. A company that is unable to provide an excellent data set is unreliable because we can not think for a minute without it. Even for renting road transport services, we need a fast Internet speed. Jazz, a player in the telecommunications sector, maintained its market position with the Ookla Speed ​​Award awarded to Jazz three times in a row.

Jazz-The Fast and Furious Player Telecom in Pakistan
Ookla calculated the results after comparing the user-initiated test with the quick test application. These tests included the four telecommunications operators, who are currently operating in Pakistan. Jazz has been at the top for three years, although it is still difficult to maintain a position. The telecommunications operator has shown that it is striving to provide the best services to its customers

.During the test (T1-T2 2019), Jazz operated at a speed of 14.97, with an average speed of 15.95 Mbps and a loading speed of 11.60 Mbps. This speed score of 14.97 is relatively higher than other telecom operators.

Jazz also remained at the top of the list for CMOS Quarterly Quality of Service Survey. PTA conducted an automated study of 3G / 4G speeds and, as expected, Jazz's speed greater than 4G.

Here is the detail of the CMOS Quarterly PTA Survey.

Team Phonewold also decided to test the four telecom operators with the Ookla Speed Test and, as expected, we also awarded the crown to Jazz.

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