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Google's Android 10: everything you need to know

After all the expectations and patience, Android 10 is out. A user can see his great features when upgrading the phone. For now, it's available in beta called Android Q. Google has stopped naming its Android operating system under the name of Desserts. Here are the features of Google Android 10, you have to know. These features will be visible on Google's smartphone, Pixel.

Navigation and control

The year before, with the release of Android 9, many changes have been made to the navigation bar. This year, Google introduced panel navigation. Google wants to create the standard signup navigation on Android phones. In fact, this seems controversial.

The dark mode

The Dark Mode feature has appeared in Android Pie. This made the notification and settings panel dark. Here in Android 10, dark mode will be applied to the user interface and some selected applications. If a user activates the power saving mode, it will have the default dark mode.

Some apps, including YouTube, Google Calendar, Google Fit, and Google Keep, will be available by default. Gmail and Google Chrome will also support this feature. The aforementioned applications, which operate in dark mode, are accompanied by beta versions of the Android 10 operating system.

Privacy of the user

Android 10 comes with the latest privacy features. The data processing is different here and a new method for creating a security patch is also present.

Google Welfare

According to Google, Android users have apps with usage timers. Like how much time they spend on a specific application. Google Digital Welfare has become Android 10. There is also a feature called Family Link, which will help parents see the activities of their children. In addition, a new feature called Focus Mode will find the application you use the most and will take a while. A user can not see the notifications.

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