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Huawei Mate 30 for fans of Big Notch- A Major Deception

Chinese technology giant, Huawei, another to produce the most featured device industry has done a great job. When it is their goal, the company has created a relatively economical price, some have learned the art of preparing the best part. There are rumors of this coming flagship, Huawei Mate 30, as close to the camera, and we are on this subject, every day, at the emergence of a few. Yesterday we have 30 Einhorn 990. But today we learned that many will not like more information about the device appeared. Yes, the new wife Huawei 30 is associated with a large niches.

Huawei Mate 30 Big Notch lose a lot of fans

Huawei keys 30 times, we came across the front cover and on the screen. People often take a device in full-screen mode, the main channel of Huawei 30, of course, do not like them, buddy. According to the report on the two images. 30's newlywed channel is smaller than its pro-Variant, but marriage is much more than 20 advanced facial recognition feature will help you understand that they can not be transparent. In addition, the device 30 is equipped with a matt double-sided camera.

No doubt, all the other features are by, but it's time for technology companies in sales, they are not approved by the majority of people, and secondly, a device trend in full-screen mode, say goodbye to prosperity.

30 family can be implemented on September 19, so you wait too long.

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