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Nokia unit phones streamline HMD mid range

Nokia Phone Features: HMD Medium Range Shuffle

The company has also expanded its Nokia Feature phone portfolio to address new network and market categories. The Nokia 800 Tough is the first Nokia hardened phone from HMD Global. It represents a new feature of the durability and durability of Nokia phones, perfectly matched with the essential modern technologies such as Google Assistant, WhatsApp, 4G, and more. The Nokia 2720 Flip is compact and touchy, but its user-friendliness has changed thanks to integrated AI technology. This makes it an ideal phone for consumers with access needs or looking for a digital detox. Finally, the Nokia 110 is an extremely affordable entertainment solution.

Announcement for next phase for Nokia phones

HMD Global also shared its vision for Nokia phones for the future. Convinced that technology and innovation should push people forward - and not just at certain price levels - the company has identified key areas of strategic investment for the future. These investments will further enhance the differentiation of Nokia phones in the areas of imaging, security, design and material innovation. HMD Global has also announced its commitment to provide an affordable, high quality 5G 5G experience in 2020.
Nokia phones and we have identified strategic investment areas to deliver a high quality smartphone experience to our fans, focusing especially on innovation. in this field. 5G, security, imaging and design. "

"We pride ourselves on security in the phone we all make our brand Europe alone in our focus on trust, safety and Android experience pure. With the success of an amazing brand that works all our generation Android latest version, we suggest features the latest Android in the price. We are That brand to improve safety on a monthly basis, so make promises safety of your phone, "Seiche said.

Two new Android enhancements make the phone stand out to Nokia

HMD Global today announced two new Nokia phones, the Nokia 7.2 and the Nokia 6.2, giving users a unique experience in the display and imaging industry. Furthermore, the Nokia 7.2 and Nokia 6.2 are a step in the search for materials and crafts, bringing the latest Nordic models to the middle.

Juho Sarvikas, Product Manager, HMD Global, said, "Our mid-range portfolio has always been known to exceed fan expectations. The Nokia 7.2 and Nokia 6.2 both share the same philosophy of offering advanced experiences at a great price From the powerful 48MP triple camera image with ZEISS Optics on Nokia 7.2 to the first-class PureDisplay smartphone, the Nokia 7.2 and Nokia 6.2 offer the best experiences to our fans. Both smartphones have a two-day battery life and present a unique Design made with high technology materials, true to our northern heritage. Additionally, Nokia 7.2 and Nokia 6.2 are compatible with Android 10 and will provide an operating system experience that continues to improve. "

Nokia 7.2 - increase in the middle segment

The Nokia 7.2 features a powerful triple 48 MPa camera with Quad Pixel technology and ZEISS optics. The new Nokia 7.2 has a host of unique imaging experiences and is inspired by the unique imaging technologies and features of Nokia phones. The Nokia 7.2 incorporates for the first time in the sector of pro-bokeh digital SLR styles in a smartphone, with unique ZEISS bokeh styles available in portrait mode to offer you beautiful photos and excellent image quality. any time of the day. These bokeh styles restore the way legendary ZEISS lenses produce a high visual impact and a characteristic blur. Fans give the freedom to make, the Nokia 7.2 also allows foreground and background flurries to allow for natural optical bokeh. The Nokia 7.2 also delivers advanced low-light images in night mode with low-light AI imaging technology combined with the highly responsive 48MP camera. 

Nokia 6.2 - breathtaking screen and triple advanced camera

The first Nokia 6 Series smartphone to feature triple camera and PureDisplay technology, the Nokia 6.2 offers fans breathtaking visual experiences and advanced imaging in an accessible package. The Nokia 6.2 still brings HDR to a new smartphone segment, with PureDisplay technology, powered by a dedicated visual processor, delivering up to a billion color shades. With a combination of artificial intelligence features and a powerful three-sensor camera, Nokia 6.2 lets fans create detailed photos, bokeh-style portraits, and great, wide-angle shots that capture more. And with its two-day autonomy, fans can do more than they want, without worry. The Nokia 6.2 stays true to its Nordic heritage and adds timeless craftsmanship and advanced materials to deliver a unique and consistent finish.

Develop the phone segment feature to meet the specific needs of users

Juho Sarvikas, Product Manager, HMD Global, said, "As leaders in the handset segment, we continue to innovate in terms of design, form factor and functionality to ensure we meet the diverse needs of today's business. our fans. Our new versatile phone Nokia expands our portfolio to reach completely new audiences, offering access to the latest features and networks in a set of reliable and well-known Nokia phones. Today we are proud to present the most robust Nokia phone with the Nokia 800 Tough. It is the ideal phone for adventurers from outside or for people in work situation. The Nokia 2720 Flip expands our Originals family and perfectly balances the digital detoxification and accessibility needs of our fans. The Nokia 110 offers connectivity to new users of versatile phones and is packed with instant entertainment. "

Nokia 800 Tough - Defining a new feature in terms of durability and battery life

The Nokia 800 Tough joins the first portfolio of robust Nokia phones from HMD Global, one of the market leaders, and offers a new level of sustainability to fans around the world. Not only is the Nokia 800 Tough waterproof and dustproof, but it's also drip-proof and is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, making it the perfect companion for tough workplaces or adventurous trips. . It also offers the latest features that fans can expect from a modern phone, including Google Assistant, popular apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook, 4G connectivity, and more. With the Nokia 800 Tough, HMD Global is expanding its offering to reach new segments, such as B2B and professional customers, where durable handsets are needed, as well as individuals who are looking for a reliable phone for their outdoor adventures.

Nokia 2720 Flip - reinvented with 4G

The Nokia 2720 Flip is a classic clamshell phone again intimidated for today's user - compact and tactile, but turned into user-friendly by the integrated AI technology. The Nokia 2720 Flip features a well-known clamshell phone design, combining simplicity and reliability for a durable device. The many modern features available to fans allow the Nokia 2720 Flip to work with WhatsApp and Facebook to make sure you're connected to the essentials. And with Google Assistant, just press a button so fans can do more with their only voice. In the event of an emergency, the Nokia 2720 Flip comes with an emergency button and an ICE (In case of emergency) information menu - an ideal phone for those you love. The Nokia 2720 Flip is not only an ideal companion for those looking for a digital detox, but it can also be the perfect phone for your loved ones to stay connected to accessible needs.

Nokia 110 - entertainment in your pocket

New addition to our range of functional phones, the Nokia 110 comes with everything you need to become an MP3 player, a built-in camera and an FM radio. The Nokia 110 also comes with your favorite games, such as the classic Snake, and a battery that lets you talk from sunrise to sunset with a single charge. The Nokia 110 builds on the hit formula of the Nokia 105 by adding a camera, music and games to offer more entertainment at a very similar price.

Original Nokia Power Wireless Headphones

Building on the success of award-winning Nokia True Wireless headphones, HMD Global introduces the True Wireless headphones Nokia Power, the newest member of the True Wireless family of headphones. The new wireless headphones are designed to last longer when combined with the portable charging case. They can be recharged up to 30 times for a spectacular total of 150 hours of play.

Genuine Nokia Power Wireless headphones deliver high-quality sound to their 6mm graphene drivers. They are also waterproof for up to 30 minutes at 1 meter depth and have an IPX7 protection rating. You can easily pair them to your Nokia smartphone with universal Bluetooth® 5.0 compatibility. And, to help you get better, with simple voices, Nokia Power headphones accompany the Google Assistant in one touch, making it a versatile and ideal everyday companion.

Availability and prices:

The Nokia 7.2 is available in cyan green, charcoal and ice, memory variants of 4GB / 64GB and 6GB / 64GB, priced at 299/349 euros, available from the end of September.
The Nokia 6.2 is available in Ceramic Black and Ice, in memory variants of 3GB / 32GB and 4GB / 64GB, priced at 199/249 EUR, available from October.
The Nokia 800 Tough is available in black steel and desert sand and will be available in early October at a price of 109 EUR.
The Nokia 2720 Flip is available in ocean blue, black and pink and will be available in September for 89 euros.
The Nokia 110 will be available in mid-September in ocean blue, black and pink and will be priced at $ 20 worldwide.
The Nokia Power earphones will be available in anthracite black and light gray and will be available from October at a price of 79 euros.

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