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Now, make WhatsApp video calls with Google Assistant

WhatsApp is the most widely used in the world because of its quality and usability. Pioneering email platform, this application belonging to Facebook is extremely popular worldwide. Coming to Google Assistant, this is the most known wizard that can answer your questions and send SMS via WhatsApp. All you have to say is OK, send a WhatsApp message. However, for a long time, Google Assistant was unable to make WhatsApp video calls for you.

Google / WhatsApp integration allows you to make WhatsApp video calls

After Facebook paid $ 21 billion for the email application, Google announced that its assistant could now make video calls via WhatsApp for Android.

How to make a WhatsApp Vidoe call with Google Assistant?

Making a video call through Google Assistant is as easy as messaging. All you have to do is say

"Hi Google, Ali Whatsapp video." Although Google has not publicly disclosed the official method of WhatsApp video calls. But in our opinion, it would be a little bit like the message function.

Although I have tried the WhatsApp voice call with Google Assistant, it does not work for me. For the reason that it is not deployed for everyone. The new integration of WhatsApp is slowly putting us in pieces. If you are not compatible with this feature, you will have to wait a while.

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