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On Facebook and Twitter, social media, not to cooperate with the government to stop false news

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Friday by social media giants Facebook and Twitter fake news reports on social media has shown that it does not cooperate with the authorities.

Friday, the FIA ​​representatives here on the meeting chair Rubab Perveen met the information and communication technology of the Senate subcommittee on the information revealed in this time.

On Facebook and Twitter, social media, not to cooperate with the government to stop false news
Chairman of the Committee Committee, Senator Rubina Khalid, his home a gold recovery of large amounts of artificial and literally Facebook posts a complaint filed as part of the meeting.

During the meeting, the committee leader, Senator Rubab Parveen, ordered the meeting to explain those involved in the dissemination of this law.

As well as news retweeted learning in Islamabad and training, and regretted his behavior and the message is sent as a joke he explained.

Director of the National Cyber ​​Crime Center (NR3C) Senator Rubina Khalid, the main initiator of social media accounts, and confirmed that all necessary steps are being taken to punish them, reports say.

FIA received an official complaint on July 16, 2019, Senator Rubina Khalid, and Cube said it took place in Islamabad the same day. Three at the expense of public media, including newspapers and the pass until the Bhutto party, Khubab Ahmad, and perhaps at the same time continue Younas Tanoli and nine shared expenses. However, these messages are not confirmed. Face book account of the investigation conducted by Khubab Ahmad shared on July 9, and more to other Facebook users and is shared by Dr. Anwar Iqbal revealed.

FIA Dr. Anwar Iqbal, and his specific gravity is wrong, saying he came, and he apologized. Dr. Iqbal also apologized to the committee. The deputy facilitator of the committee honored by false shame, he says. The Committee also asked for false account information Dua Bhutto.

They are involved in the management of Twitter and Face book, cyberbullying and artificial propaganda with the details of the accounts was close, and said they are waiting for their response.

FIA official Twitter Facebook as well as 5. August Previously, the FIA ​​responds within six to seven weeks, and still works, but that has not been provided with the same information previously. Rubab Perveen said that 80 percent of social media is.

He sent NR3C only 50 investigators are expecting 15000 family. It's hard to immediately work "NR3C staff of 130 employees and 15 computer centers all over the country," he added.

This Bureau (IB) information has all the means and information that can reach. The meeting was Rubab Parveen and Senators under the direction of Dr. Ashok Kumar and Dr. Muhammad Khan Ghous FIA cyber center and participated, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications Niazi.

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