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Realtor 11 Pro features three Cameras- A new status symbol

it will be given, and you expect the best feeling in the world. After waiting for the company, as well as a tool provided by Apple fans yesterday. Even though a lot of gossip, we suggest that this time they will not be able to see anything, but the Real Estate 11 Pro only has three cameras and two waiting. No, it's three Apple devices: Our realtor Realtor 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max and 11.

Jobs, 11 Pro Cameras- about it, you need to know? Who is it?

the device is compatible with the 5G, but it will be forced to wait for the launch of the new company.


Wold 11 Pro and Real Estate 11 Max features such as the other. Space the two devices are in three colors: gray, gold, silver and green at night. Realtor Realtor 11 Pro 5.8 "and 11" Pro Max 6.5 display. There are two scientific devices A13 have developed a new controller of the machine. the device will have a battery that will last throughout the special day. Jobs XS, a better autonomy of 4 hours.

Free fast devices come with an 18W adapter. It is an important test of the camera, a camera, consider it. 12-megapixel lot telephoto lens and a 12-megapixel camera, while the width of the 12-megapixel camera. We also support 4K video and slow motion selfies facing the front with a 12-megapixel TrueDepth camera.

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